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How Badminton Birdies Are Made — 44 Comments

  1. こういう人達のお陰でいつも楽しくバドミントンができてるんやなぁ

  2. Thank you for showing how hard it is for one shuttle’s outcome .

  3. 意外と手間が掛かってるんですね。

  4. I just loved to play with these, they landed exactly where you wanted but cost some.

  5. The shuttlecock itself is human’s important cultural heritage that’s been shared worldwide. So nice to know there’s quality control in the manufacturing process. Only in big tournaments the shuttles are damaged and replaced after few rallies but in recreational plays, we normally use it longer, don’t we. Nevertheless duck feathers, cork etc are sustainable materials — not to worry — just ask the ducks to grow the feathers more next time.

  6. Thank you O’ Duck for giving us your lovely feathers so we can enjoy this most entertaining of games!

  7. @u cok Absolutely and faster as well. The thing is that I’m fast and a little advanced in my game (we don’t play pro or any competitions or such, its only for fun) and my friend is not really on the same level as me and haven’t really improved so he is at his top. He is good absolutely so some challenges sometimes but I pretty much always beat him with ordinary balls.

    He brought a tube sometimes with the good stuff, that he got due to contacts so not bought, but since I’m even better with those balls I always beat him every time. All of sudden they stopped coming and and I got the hint and thus couldn’t really buy them my self instead. 🙂

  8. Honestly badminton is such an underrated sport. I wish much more people will start getting into badminton

  9. @Most Kz yeah you are correct, but it’s severely underrated here in North America

  10. In my country, Spain it is very underrated, there isn’t almost anywhere to play badminton

  11. @A S T You angry with white men, raise your anger to the right people. Badminton is serious sports in Asia, and decidedly _not_ “white man’s stuff”.

  12. @ Design Insider That is a great video. Thank you for your message. Can you tell me which company made this shuttle and their contact info ?

  13. @edukid1984 maybe they thought these weird names were only made up and used by white people, a stereotype that they make up the darnedest things

  14. What an eye-opener. Thought the process would be more mechanical. Thank you.

  15. After watching this vid, I wanna play badminton with all three colors. I’ve played with just the green one (slow one) so far.

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