better racket than astrox 100zz

Better racket than Astrox 100ZZ?


As title said, I am looking for a racket that you personally think is better than 100ZZ. Do you have any suggestions?

Background: I am myself a 100ZZ user and I am very happy with it, no complaints whatsoever. I think it has the perfect sweet spot between maneuverability, head heaviness, stiffness, and feedback feeling. It’s just like many of you, sometimes I contemplate if there is a better racket (for my liking obviously because everyone has different preference) than 100ZZ.

The criterias I am looking for are:

  • Enough smash power from rear court in doubles, ideally should be (slightly) more powerful than 100ZZ, that’s the whole purpose of this thread
  • Fast enough maneuverability (ie not a sledge hammer) such that I can still defend during fast-pace drives in doubles,
  • Have nice feedback feeling like 100ZZ (or close to it),
  • Still on the stiff side as I don’t like flexible racket. If 100ZZ had 10 in Yonex stiffness rating, I am looking for something around 8-10 range.

I have tried Astrox 99 Pro but I don’t like it. At the moment I am considering:

  • Fortius 11 Quick (this is the closest one I think to 100ZZ characteristics, but I heard that while it is just as quick and even easier to play with, it is less powerful and less solid feedback feeling )
  • Fortius 11 Power (will it be too head heavy?)
  • Astrox 88D Pro (while I never tried it myself, but I think the consensus is that it’s still less powerful than 100ZZ)

Thank you for your time, really appreciate it