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Badminton Unlimited | Yonex Racket Factory | BWF 2018 — 43 Comments

  1. Great vid, wish it was longer though! Maybe 10-15 minutes to go into more details and to show each step of the process up close.

  2. I need the process details so I can start my carpenter exam, start my own company and buy a house after 6 years of work

  3. I had been used Yonex for over twenty years no problems at all. Starting with Yonex blacken and carbonex8 they are remarkable

  4. No way… It is like stripping naked in front of Lining, Victor and other racket manufacturer.

  5. Dulu merknya adalah Yone Yama, lalu berubah merk jadi Yonex agar lebih ringkas dan mudah disebut. Lambang Yonex (yy) adalah singkatan dari yone yama, pendiri perusahaan Yonex.

  6. ヨネックス すげー!

  7. It’s funny for such high quality the weight and BP range are quite high for yonex rackets especially if they dont come premeasured before being sold to consumers

  8. 요넥스 안써 차라리 한국제품 쓸꺼앗

  9. @Yoga Andoyo Aji If i can help it, i wouldn’t use a Chinese product, but it doesn’t mean i WOULD NEVER use one, stop hating everything solely because its made in China

  10. @Liu Eric i use chinas product only cheap product, non high tech except the brand originaly from outside china but made in china like iphone.

  11. Selain itu mikasa dan molten juga. Bola resmi d bola voli dan basket

  12. 01:49

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