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In this video clip we share just how to earn less mistakes as well as improve your uniformity! The very first 1,000 individuals to utilize this web link will obtain a 1 month cost-free trial of Skillshare:

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8 Ways To Improve Your Consistency In Badminton — 42 Comments

  1. I currently have a minor shoulder injury. these videos help me to get back into my game and play at my full potential. thanks so much and love from india.

  2. Making lots of mistakes is the worst ways to lose a badminton match, so we hope you guys enjoyed this video! 🏸 Also, don’t forget to check out our recommended class “How To Build Habits That Last” on Skillshare 💪 The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial: https://skl.sh/badmintoninsight02221

  3. Wow, I was just wondering on how to improve my consistency throughout the game (I usually have a good early game, but played bad late in the game). Thanks for the video, very helpful!

  4. I like the frequency bias sequence…because it happens in everything…easily I can relate it ❤️

  5. People are familiar with the term “fight or flight”, however these are known as the three Fs, so there’s an F missing. Our stress response is in fact “fight, flight, or freeze” and I think it is the freeze response that is the problem here. Some people are more prone to freeze than others. These are adaptive responses so we will adopt the one that has best worked for us or become our habitual response in past stressful situations. Another point that hasn’t been addressed here is breathing. Breath holding can be another adaptive response to stress and holding our breath can cause a stress chain reaction because it also triggers an increase in the stress response. Slow deep breathing exercises between rallies and games can reduce tension and help us relax.

  6. A perfect video for all my sunday league partners ! Thanks Greg and Jenny ! I can’t even count how many games I’ve lost because of my inconcistency… Especially when I’m leading by 5 points in a set … Time to forge some good habits !

  7. I make the mistake in point 4 so many times. Thanks for providing the solutions to it! Love the videos!

  8. Hello greg and jenny thank you for the advice as a kid i do a lot of mistakes and I don’t know what to do but after 1 year of watching your channel and joining your journey im improve thanks to you guys and thank you for the 1 month free trial in skillshare

  9. Thanks so much guys! Awesome content, been following your videos for the last year or so and got me to get up and running to play badminton again and to look out for drills and techniques to practice and learn to improve my game. Love this video and yes “Atomic Habits” is a really good book!

  10. Thanks a lot guys…this was helpful. Also, journaling & talking to yourselves after each match and each practice session helps in increasing your concentration.💪✌

  11. 2:10 9:45 Your badminton channel is Gold and so one of a kind!! Combining badminton lessons + life lessons + role playing + comedy! You two are the definition of good habits and consistency 😆👍👍

  12. Dear sir and Madam, this is the best video I have seen so far, really from beginners to advanced players these are the common mistakes we do everyday, thank you for addressing it, we need a basic game plan for men’s doubles please make a video

  13. You are so right about exercise of 25s, I had been sure I couldn’t ever lift a shuttel off the floor with racket, but i did this kind of practice and learned it. Did it in 20s though.

  14. I love that someone is finally talking about lack of consistency, as it was the bane of my existence for years! I’m still sometimes inconsistent, but at least now I can track it down to my daily habits. Before, none of it made any kind of sense to me and it was mostly the nerves acting up… and yes, a bit of a poor technique too!

  15. Really Helped, thinking on positives aspects and taking time between points, improved my game.👏👏

    Thanks for this video. 👍

  16. Yes definitely Simon! As we said they were just a couple of quick tips – we want to do an entire video on dealing with nerves at some point which will include these areas!

  17. We had just finished a tournament yesterday and lost in the semi finals. I was beating myself up for it and am glad to see this video because these are exactly what happened to us. Thank you for able to deal with subjects like this. Love you guys!!!

  18. My biggest problem is while playing I always return to the opponent’s hand. I don’t remember to change the direction n make him/ her move

  19. There’s actually a 4th and it’s called fawn. Which is an attempt to cooperate, submit, or win over a threat to avoid ‘hurt’. This is sometimes why good players do not play well against players who are a level below them. They can seek to appease others and avoid ‘social hurt’. Imagine beating someone 21- 3. You’ll probably come across as the bad guy. So you become excessively nice.

  20. My advice: icing for 15/20 minutes, partial hanging and light weight exercises straight after hanging.

  21. @chain reaction man Just Sunday’s as we don’t have enough time in the week as it is!!

  22. I started playing badminton just over 5 months ago…ageing around 40 years and never played it before….your videos are helping a lot and I sometimes watch them around 5 to 6 times to absorb the content and to keep it in my mind during my play….i have won a few inter academy championships as well and your videos played a major role in this…Massive Thanks and Love from Dubai

  23. Wow that’s great to hear! We are actually looking at traveling to Dubai in the next few months it’s a great place!

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