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20 years of Badminton in the Olympic Games – 1992 to 2012 — 79 Comments

  1. Wow what a shame..i watched the MD final Atlanta olympics and the winner were Ricky Subagja/Rexy Mainaky from Indonesia…the name and origin in the video is absolutely WRONG…How could this video go public like this??Please correct them…Please consider the winners feeling if they knew this…How disappointed πŸ™

  2. It’s so romantic how Susi and Alan, the talented youngsters who both won the gold medal in Woman and Man single, is now an adult and now happily married to each other. No wonder they were called the Olympic Couple! So cute.

  3. from 00:52 to about 01:00 that’s the Indonesian team Ricky Subagja and Rexy Mainaky, 1996 Olympic gold medalist for men’s doubles in badminton

  4. 1996 men’s double winner was not Korea, it was INDONESIA: Ricky Subagja and Rexy Mainaky.

  5. Wondering what the hell was a east asian woman playing for Poland before I realized it’s actually indonesia.

  6. 1996 men’s double winner was from korea. but from INDONESIA!!!!ricky subagja and rexy mainaky!indonesia’s legend badminton…. so proud of indonesia’s badminton legend!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  7. tontowi ahmad & lilyana natsir are going to final double mixed match
    i hope they gonna win and bring gold medal to Indonesia

  8. 1996 Mens Double it’s not Korea, it’s Indonesia’s Ricky Subagja and Rexy Mainaky

  9. HOW COME THIS OFFICIAL OLYMPIC CHANEL COULD BE WRONG RELEASE THE CHAMPIONS NAME???? 1996 Ricky/Rexy from Indonesia won the gold medal againt Lee/Yap in final, i watched the game that time.

  10. The most memorable is *_Susi Susanti_* when she won the very first Olympic πŸ… for Indonesia, first time badminton in Olympic games, and her husband won MS in the next one. Wow.. what a couple.

  11. tokyo 2020 gold medalist
    men’s single: anthony ginting
    men’s double : kevin sanjaya-marcus gideon

  12. SOSHELPηŽ‹ indonesia at least sent 1 badminton athlete to final in each olympic games from 92-2016, yes, indonesia didn’t win anything in 2012, but come on, from 92-2004, did you spot a malaysian athlete there ?

  13. @Tiyas Wahyu tergantung. Bisa jadi gini
    1. Dia liat pas main buat indonesia. Trus yg dia liat orang asia timur dan benderanya warna merah-putih. Mungkin dia lebih familier sm polandia jd disangka itu bendera polandia. Trus baru dia ngeh kalo itu bendera indonesia, jd wajar kalo yg main masih wajah2 asia
    2. Dia liat pas main buat polandia. Trus yg dia liat orang asia timur yg fenotipnya beda sm orang polandia. Trus dia baru ngeh kalo pemainnya itu trnyata orang indonesia, bukan asia timur. Tp pertanyaan saya, dia bisa ngeh drmana kalo itu orang indonesia kalo hanya mengandalkan wajah. Trus di komennya dia bilang “it’s actually indonesia” bukan “she’s actually indonesian”

  14. @Yuwawira Ina Putra
    Great champion needs a great rival. Taufik Hidayat and Lin Dan needs a worthy and ferocious opponent like Lee Chong Wei. LC Wei maybe achieve less than Taufik or Lin, but he is absolutely not a lesser player than the two.

  15. @Jess Boo dia tau itu bukan sekadar dr wajah, tp pasti dia lihat profil atlet tsb.
    Soal bendera, saya yakin dia ga sebodoh itu. Indonesia jg negara yg cukup dikenal di negara barat sejak dulu. Kita salah satu negara Asia yg mencolok dr segi budaya, politik dan ekonomi.

  16. @Tiyas Wahyu lalu kesimpulannya apa ya kalo namanya justin chen? Saya rasa utk salah mengenali bendera itu gak bodoh, cuman honest mistake.
    Pendapat kita sbnrnya sama2 spekulatif, tp bedanya saya ga mengklaim dia ‘pasti’ melakukan apa yg saya kira dia lakukan krn saya emg gatau ‘pasti’nya seperti apa. Saya cuma mengira2 dr apa yg menurut saya logis.
    Drpd saling ngabisin kuota let’s just agree to disagree dan doakan yg terbaik buat tim indonesia πŸ™‚

  17. @RevanD Tum Hi Ho japan is no longer in the top. currently we have the minions and the daddies.

  18. @Indra Bayu Kau lupa Jepang Jago Di Women’s badminton sekarang ini sedangkan Indonesia hanya Di Doubles Men’s.

  19. @Jacob Hunter As of april 3rd 2020 Kento Momota is the current world no. 1 and Lee Zii Jia is the world no. 10, what if someone were to say that KM is no 10 and LZJ is no 1 would be disrespectful wouldn’t it. Lee Chong Wei hold the record for the longest consecutive world no 1(almost 4 years) , what if an Indonesian media says that the record holder is in fact Taufik Hidayat not LCW

  20. @Izznn itu bukan *cuma* , tapi bisa jadi kesalahan fatal.
    Coba bayangin kalau lo menang lomba, tapi yg ditulis malah nama orang lain dan penonton awam di dunia langsung percaya aja. Gimana perasaannya?
    Seperti gk dihargai kemenangannya

  21. @Fadiya Yasmin Robbani dan di video itu gacuma sekali staffnya typo, tapi dua kali. di menit 3:44 juga salah tulis. harusnya yang ditulis zhang jun/gao ling, tapi malah yang wei/zhang jiewen wicis mereka justru emas di women’s double

  22. @Shunhao Lee malaydesh never won gold medals hahaha so sad no no nono malaydesh is fact

  23. @Shunhao Lee malayπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

  24. @David Phillips but still dedys won at all japanese 😎😎😎😎

  25. @Muhammad Doddy Ytama haga lcw loser never eon hold medal .taufik won at athen😎😎😎😎😎

  26. @Muhammad Doddy Ytama loseerr he cry never won olympic gold medal ni no no legend just loseerrr

  27. @SOSHELPηŽ‹ if malaysia was better how come malaysia never won any gold medal at olympics until now LOL shame on you . dont compare to china s korea indonesia if your country arent that good at olympic

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