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20 Fastest SMASHES in Badminton — 56 Comments

  1. The player which appeared the most was Goh V Shem!!! When he’s in top form, he is deadly…..hope he and his partner can regain their form in time for the World Championships.

  2. Malaysia And denmark what a superb, but i still in love with Muhammad ahsan and praveen jordan smash😁

  3. Goh V Shem: *L E M M E S M A S H*
    Opponent: WHAT THE FUU-

  4. Could you imagine getting 399 kmh how frustrating that would be that you didn’t get 400

  5. Is it just me who feels all of this is easy to look at until you start playing ?

  6. Goh v shem and dato lee chong wei 🇲🇾👍🏻

    Goh v shem many times his name came out 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  7. Goh VS might have the best doubles smash I’ve ever seen. His form is literally perfect and he has some insane jumping ability

  8. Can we just talk about the reaction time of the guys that are defending? The speed is incredible

  9. @christian kumara putra u out of topic bro… Example… We talk bout gurl… But u talk about ladyboy… Wth

  10. @wilfredo leon hahaha… Funny… Bangga dengan generasi gideon/sukamuljo? Dorang lain era lah… X payah berlagak… Tengok nanti pasangan baru dan ganas masuk… Yang kita nak tengok adalah Psangan dr negara berbeza dalam sama era mempunyai pasangan yang kuat… Bkn satu negara je… Contoh chen long… Zaman dia ade viktor exelson… Lindan ade lee chong wei… Taufik hidayat dan peter gade… Kkk/tbh malaysia ada marcus kido hendra indonesia… Fu hai feng cai yun china dan dua lagi dr denmark dan england… Baru lah syok… Nie gideon syok sendiri sebab dorang je yg kuat…

  11. but the minion is not have a powerfull of smash ….but they are a champion…..they have quickly draft and paster ……that teh secrect

  12. This vid is 2 years ago, maybe those record didn’t exist before. I am sorry if the or some of the records you’ve mentioned is recorded 2 years ago. 🙂

  13. I hope goh V shem get smashed by gideon on his face so badly 🙁 . Only fast shuttle but low technique. The best malaysian player is only LCW.

  14. @X – J – 13 – Hans Christian Soebroto But their smash is indeed very powerful compared to the others

  15. @wilfredo leon ya kn macam ginting selalu kena gunting oleh momota..wkwkwkwkwk😂😂😂😂

  16. @ahmad dhiyauddin rosleli dude you’re flag is a fucking copy of USA which i live

  17. The secret is how high you jump…just like the last one he go on the highest point and smash it down and got 426kmh😵

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    Mmmj TT f4c4f

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