badminton racket review min requirement

Badminton Racket Review – Min Requirement?

badminton racket review min requirement

I agree with what you said about the beginner. It depends on how much he/her wants to know. How far would this beginner wanna go?
Not sexist here, but very often ladies aren’t that keen on the details, the more you tell them the more you confuse them.
So for beginner just go for a cheap and light racket. Not like those aluminium rackets from the supermarket. But minimumly an full graphite racket. Low end Yonex or Apacs is a good starting point.
I will tell the beginner, badminton is 50% skill, 45% footwork and 5% racket.
Give any beginner racket to a season player, they will still out play you.

As for reviewers, I appreciate their effort and enjoy most of their content. However some reviewers after sometime lose their direction and becomes more like a paid commercial. Not every new racket is gonna give us more power, more speed more this and that if one don’t have the skills to exploit to its full potential.

I will lean more towards a reviewer when my experience with the racket is the same or similar to his/her. So for my next racket purchase, I’m more likey to be swayed by their comments.

I’ve ever encountered a racket where my experience with the racket is quite different from the reviewer. More like afew of the reviewers. I sold it off eventually.

Anyway no such thing as a bad racket, is only if the racket is suitable to a player or not.

Give a Astrox 99 to a beginner and he will likely injure himself or quit the sport.

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