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Viktor AXELSEN Badminton Technique in Super Slow Motion Camera — 39 Comments

  1. victor will be ” new legend”!
    legend:lee chong wei, lin dan, peter gade, taufic hidayat
    and he’ll be heir of peter gade !

  2. Hi Shuttleflash, Can you please make a video about the different badminton grips (Thumb, Panhandle, etc.) It’s a very important for all badminton players.

  3. I second that, and maybe some example how professional player grip their racket.

    Btw new subs!

  4. i can’t get enough of this video, awesome edit colaborated with awesome music, just love it

  5. During professional match it is disadvantage to aplaud to your opponent not because you are arogant just simply not giving psychological advantage over you.
    Although many times everybody would like somewhere deep inside to give credit for some shots.

  6. アクセルセンがコートに立ってるとコートめちゃくちゃちっちゃいやんw

  7. can you please make for tai tzu ying technique in super slow motion camera
    merci beaucoup….
    this is one is awesome.

  8. @Anindita Anjani yes momota, kidambi and ginting are very good players. Chinese players are not good enough their way of playing is too defensive. Their can be good players but never dominant players with that boring style of game.

  9. @driveslowly momota is amazing, he is number 1 now right? I can’t wait for Korea/Denmark open

  10. Hi shuttle, can you please make a slow motion version of Lindan and Lee Chong Wei ☺️
    Thanks Greetings from 🇵🇭

  11. Oh, to be that good!!!
    They must have thousands of hours of practice behind them to be so skilled

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