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F | MS | Kento MOMOTA (JPN) vs. Anthony Sinisuka GINTING (INA) | BWF 2019 — 57 Comments

  1. Momota’s mental strength is on display once again!! When 5-12 down he didn’t give up and notices ginting is getting tired and then there’s the opportunity to win the game, just amaazing.

  2. Pas latihan suka kram sama mimisan , yg di khawatirin kram pas tanding… Semoga kakinya gk papa… Tahun 2020 tahunnya ginting. Aamiin

  3. One of the best matches of 2019, always enjoying the matches played by both players. 3rd game is a battle of will power.

  4. I would like to praise Momota’s mental and concentration as well as his skill. That was a quite remarkable comeback after third game’s interval.

  5. Until interval of 3rd game it was game of speed / attack and then changed to game of stamina / mental power / concentration and consistency …

    One of the best matches of 2019, good reference as all can learn a lot from this game.

    Both played really well … Once again Congrats Momota on winning the best tournament, and next year ..will be Momota – Ginting rivalry series …

  6. What a match !
    Momota in control of rallies is unstoppable, he sucks anything he can from the opponant and just let him with no energy.
    If you can’t break his control you are already behind and things are going worse everytime you shoot.
    On the other side, it feels like Ginting is pushing him more each time. I hope he will win the next meeting !!
    I missed Lin Dan / LCW decade, but i’m glad to see the begining of this rivalry with so much respect between the two players
    Congratz Momota !

  7. Now all we need is just Ginting’s consistency and if we’re lucky, we might have another Lin-Lee rivalry all over again. Maybe along with Chou and Yuqi when he’s back to his prime later.

  8. Ginting suatu saat akan menjadi juara.. Tinggal konsisten dan lebih safety aja mainya… Skill serta yg lain sudah komplit… Indonesian fan selalu mendukungmu.. 😍😍✌✌

  9. @Pujangga Jalanan Aamiin… Ginting masih dalam tahap proses.. Next Insyaallah kita bisa lihat hasilnya dari segala usaha yg sudah dilakukannya sekarang.. πŸ™‚

  10. Menurut saya skill ginting di atas momota. Tapi sayangnya ginting sudah hilang fokus dan stamina di tengah pertandingan sehingga banyak mistake.

  11. WOW, of 20 years of watching badminton. This match is what an incredible match that can match the Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei, made so well at skill compete, method compete, change of tactics, and really amazing.
    Really thanks to momota and Ginting for providing such a superb 3 matches for me to re-watch again and again. Both of you are making the world badminton interesting again.

  12. Sikit lagi je ni..xlama lagi Ginting akan jadi Juara Dunia dan Juara Olimpik..doa peminat dari Malaysia. Amin

  13. @CHANNEL INFO nah iya yakh… Alhamdulillah lah kalo gitu.. smg konsisten Ginting maennya

  14. Yes lets support jonatan too ok….if not we indonesian to support both of them who else? Lets keep love n support them….

  15. I think Momota was happy that he has to face almost the same level player like him.
    Is fate that DLCW has LD, and Momota have Ginting.

  16. Momota must’ve learnt lots of Chinese like “Sha”, “Jin Ting Jia You” and “Shi yuqi Jia You” over these years lol.


  18. No more red court…
    After watching this on YouTube everything in my room is green…

  19. Red court makes my eyes pain, prefer blue, green or even grey is nice

  20. @jwo jiunn Kon YES ! Agreed ! Both of them played very well ! Keep It Up ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™

  21. Momoto is very cute…he always smile….
    Not like tat Alexen..showed his sucks face 😱😱😱

  22. I think green court is best, surrounded by blue carpet and red areas on the referee and service judge’s seats.

  23. Looks like Ginting injured himself after he got 12 points. He barely smash and looks pretty uncomfortable.

  24. Lee zii semakin melejit dari Malaysia .lawan Ginting pasti seru dua2 nya hebat

  25. I feel like grey would make it too easy to lose the shuttle as it’s too similar to the white feathers of the shuttle

  26. Ya benar. Ginting kalah stamina, dan momota tahu itu. Momota pinter banget menghabiskan stamina ginting selama 2,5 set. 0,5 set terakhir ginting udah habis stamina.

    Ya, mau gimana lagi. Kalau ginting mau menang lawan momota, dia harus bisa habisin dalam 2 set. Wkwkwkwk

  27. @Dhanang Wibowo its not a big injury, its commnon for a sport player to get blister and still can do the game without problem. The problem is ginting’s style that drain his energy. Sometimes ginting can win 3rd game with other players but not for momota because his accuracy, precision, and quality shot that so stable in the entire game.

  28. Wanna try Black court sometimes? It’s gonna be very contrast with the shuttle’s color

  29. It’s dejavu of Singapore Open 2019 finals. Kento was also behind there and rallied past Ginting and eventually won. Ginting’s lacking in mental strength as most players do. This is where Japanese players excel. Kento’s mentality is tough but his skills are undeniably superb too! His defense are one of the bests if not the best.

  30. Momota vs ginting selalu menyuguhkan aksi” yg luar biasa..tidak banyak smash tapi selalu penuh aksi yg memukau..momota sampai geleng” kepala tiap kali ketemu ginting..

  31. ginting, lee zi jia, chen long, momota dan axelsen akan mnguasai perseorangan badminton dunia tidak lama lg. 5 org ni la yg akan bersaing secara sehat d gelanggang. dan pasti nya persaingan slepas ni akan lebih seru dan penuh dramatik.. apa2 pn tidak kisah dari mana. yg penting smua nya menunjukkan kualiti bermain yg sgt2 tinggi

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