Keep old shoe or go Eclipsion Z3?


Got some bonus at around 3M IDR, thinking of buying Eclipsion Z3 + Nanoray I Speed. Wud costs exactly that cost. But I also have my old A660 CNY, might not be the best at stability but it’s p gud by itself. Helped with the XD11 insole ofc.

Am now in a stalemate man, either sacrifice the whole money for a shoe + a compact frame racket (of which am not even sure that I’d be able to tame even if its flex is something catered to me) or keep old shoes and get new racket (since my current thing is just the OG Arc 11 in old color, and am bored with it now). Not to mention that I can’t save after this month since am still on clinical rotation (and am just lucky that my current station doesn’t need me to spent much on). Thx in advance.

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