Badminton equipment that the manufacturers have to start producing again to make fans happy


For many badminton players it is hard to find replacement products when your long time favorite badminton equipment is broken, worn out or runs out. It can be rackets, shoes or strings for example.

This forum has many treads about people needing help to find a replacement racket similar to their old one, because the model is discontinued. In some cases a replacement can be found but in some cases it is impossible to find a racket with the same feel.

Here you can post what products you wish were re-produced or re-released by the manufacturers. Im sure people from the big badminton brands read this forum and if many of us want a certain product back it is no harm in letting them know by posting it here.

I also wonder how hard it could be for the manufacturers to start producing some of their older models again on request? Lets say Yonex introduced a system on their website where you can fill in a form and submit what racket you want them to re-produce and how many you want and then they put all those inquiries in a pile until enough people have ordered a certain product and then they make a limited batch and ship it to the people who ordered it. For example I place an order on 10x AT700 and then wait until other racket-fanatics have ordered enough of the same model for yonex to produce them. Maybe they need to make 100 or 1000 pieces for it to be profitable for them? I don’t know. Of course they can charge a higher than normal price for this, it would be an exclusive service.

I finish this post by listing the items I wish for the manufacturers to re-produce:

Yonex Armortec 700 , it is a very good racket, people still demand this racket which is obvious when reading this forum and there is no good racket to replace this model.

Li-ning original hero shoe, the one worn by Lin Dan. It was a very nice design, a bit heavy and bulky but a very stable and durable shoe. They need to make the yellow, black, OG 2012 special color, and also the white and the white one with a little hint of red color. Also a new blue color would be a nice addition.

Some other products without a written motivation:

Yonex Ti-10

Victor MX-80

Victor Super Waves 35

Feel free to add more to the list.