Recommendations of easy to use rackets?


Been selling my rackets now and then due to that I don’t like the feel of the rackets that I chose. Oftently choosing based on my favorite players rather than what I like for myself.

Therefore I want advice or recommendations on what/how I should find easy-to-use rackets.
I don’t really mind low or mid-range recommendations. In fact, I would rather love low/mid-range recommendations. As for my specifications, it seems that I enjoy using lighter weighted rackets & head-light to be even-balanced.

I just want to find a racket that is really easy to use, especially for “effortless” swings for my drives & clears.

For many months, I have interest in these rackets (unfortunately testing a lot of high ends) so far:

1. Thruster F Enhanced (4U)
2. Arcsaber 11 Pro (4U)
3. Axforce 80 (4U)
4. Bravesword 12 (3U)

I am seeking advice and criticism of my issue. I welcome you all to give your thoughts to this thread!