Humans of Shuttle Time: NGONG ANDRÉ

HumanofShuttleTime Newlook FEBRUARY 03

Shuttle Time Tutor, Badminton Federation of Cameroon

I grew up in a difficult neighborhood called Ekoundou in Yaoundé. I’m currently a teacher of Physical Education and sports.

I saw badminton for the first time in 2004 when I was a student at SOA University. it was during the Badminton Cameroon Cup. What struck me was that it was spectacular, a lot of fun and without physical contact.

Following that experience, I had had a dialogue with the national trainer at the time, Jean Louis Tamba, who advised me to become a trainer.

Memorable Events

At the national level it was organising the national badminton school camp in 2017 for the first time. We were congratulated by the Minister of Secondary Education. At the international level, my most memorable moment was my meeting with Annirao Dajee during the first edition of the Cameroon International in 2017. He gave me the strength to persevere in badminton despite difficulties.

Experiences in Developing Badminton

Badminton is a very spectacular game, less dangerous than other sports and not messy.

I teach badminton at the National Institute for Youth and Sports in Yaoundé. I have trained several badminton teachers. I am a national referee and several times assistant referee at the Cameroon International tournament. I’m also a referee instructor and National Technical Director of badminton in Cameroon.

Making a Difference

Almost all of the national players in Cameroon come from the Shuttle Time programme.

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