How effective does badminton burn the bad fat, sugar, and toxic in your body?

Well, i play at least once a week on Sunday. This is my routine every sunday.
Adding 1 more on workdays but due to work or other task, sometimes i would skip 1 or 2 a month.

With those routine, my medical checkup are all good tho i myself are a big panda & love to eat yummy:p. Yeah im overweight:confused: but everything else are green, not even a yellow (upper safe number). Maybe 2 or 3 year ago, the doctoc even ask me am i on a strict diet? Coz my fat very low. I look at my own belly & talk, hey where are you hidding man:eek:.

Idk if my metabolism that are that good (lucky me;)) or badminton do help me maintain my health. Regardless, i think sports are good thing to keep our fitness & health even when you dont aim for a pros or competitive games. Workout your body so it will stay fit & not become lazy especially today life where all services are available.
Hungry…. Open your gadet & order it online.
Go somewhere, open your gadget & someone will pick you up.
You just sit all the time. Dont be lazy guys. If you dont do sports, pick 1 as hobby & start doing it:D

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