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Wise 2086 longevity


Updating Thread:
~4500 badminton rackets strung on a V11 Wise 2086 since 2012 (600 prior since 2007 with my stringway/laserfibre ML100 with double action clamps)
-Been using since February the Glide To Activate tensioner upgrade that @s_mair recommended (love it)
-I disassembled the machine in early April 2023 to clean the motor and relube it.
-Machine was running a lot more smoothly since…

…A few days ago i got an Error Code 2 and according to Wise support, the circuit board and load cell are reaching its EOL at any moment.
I’m fully aware where to purchase replacements parts for my V11 if needed, but I’ve asked whether it’s possible to replace the boards and load cells with V12 components if it fits the same housing.

I know V14 is out of the question because the internals and plugs are completely different (and i would have to order a brand new tension head – which i don’t want to do).

Hopefully I’m not one of few individuals here or in the tennis equivalent forums that have had an above and beyond experience with this product and its support. Truly phenomenal product from beginner, hobbyist or even enthusiast stringer. The value proposition is undeniable.

I do have my sights for a more “ambitious” machine in the future (not near..but maybe in a few years – subject to CFO aka wife approval).

**mini update: Turns out the display board and keypad in v12 are different too. This means that replacing all the internals might not be the most effective solution when compared to just replacing the board and load cell.