Is nanoflare 1000z okay for above beginner player ?

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This is a very common beginner mistake.
1. Know that thing always come at cost & there is requirement to it.
Buy more expensive car you get more comfort, more feature, & more powerfull engine. But did you know to be able to speeding a more powerfull cars you need skill to control the car itself? Or else you risk crashing badly.
Racket, Aside from prestige, you gain more stability & control but with a cost of less power which called demanding. Will you get injury? Not always, im survive the day i use my dad very old racket but that just my luck. As with cars it increase the chance of injury. If you survive, good for you, but if not, well … You definitely dont want it happen.

2. Tech wont help you turn night & days.
At best tech for whatever it does, tech only help 10% at most. Now the simple math.
10% of 10 = 1, 10% of 100 = 10. If your skill are low, how much 10% improvement you gain? Not to mention the burden you take for the extra stiffness which increase the risk of injury.

If you had money, i would suggest you to get some coaching. Even if it just short 2 or 3 month, it would definitely push your level up, simply by correcting the basic of hitting & footworks will makes you better than new racket.

And last, you might skipped some thread. 1000zz are crazy weak. Some even broke theirs without crashing easily. So a beginner who misshit alot & easily crashing each other would not recommended to own this one.

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