Victor 2024 new racquets. Metallic series and Pro series

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Victor is launching new series of racket for 2024 appointed for their players starting with
– TK Ryuga Metallic (Lee Zii Jia) released Nov 2023
– Auraspeed 90K Metallic (Anders Antonson) April 2024?
– TK Ryuga II Pro (not sure) Jan 2024

TK RYUGA METALLIC…zii-jias-newest-game-racket-tk-ryuga-metallic

The TK Ryuga Metallic is derived from the original TK RYUGA engineered with metallic carbon fiber on the frame unlike on the shaft ie DriveX10M. Heavy swing head lover would love this addition and Lee Zii Jia been breaking crazy record smashes on live matches. This racket do not have FREE-CORE like most high-end racket offering from Victor.

Soon to be released and Anders Antonsen has been teasing this racquet on his social media. Not much information has been revealed yet so far. Probably made similar to original 90K and with metallic carbon fiber to increase the stiffness to the limit.

Announced during August event, its build from the TK Ryuga II with several improvements on their FREE CORE handle with the Power Ring Pro and with heavier swing weight.

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