Relation between SOUND & POWER ?

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Hello all

Today I was playing MD with my Yonex Nextage(83 GM’s, stiff, bg65 @ 26lbs).. things were going fine then I changed to the Carlton Ultralite (73 GM’s, flexible, bg65 @ 24 lbs) racquet bcz I felt the grip bit slippery and my smashes weren’t getting through their defence.

I got better timing, feel & sound from my lighter racquet but the opponent were still able to return those smashes with relative ease. (We were playing with Mavis 350, plastics)

I have never given much thought to the sound of a smash because it’s misguiding. But I was wondering what’s the relation between the sound & power if any.. ?!

And what combination will maximize the sound effect?

Would be fun to have such a setup to show off .


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