Upgrade from my old racquet MP100

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I recently got back into my favourite sport after I stopped playing for a long time. Just for a little reference, I used to train daily and played in school and local tournaments back in the days. I used a Carlton Kevlar Hi- R racquet when I first started playing and eventually upgraded to the Yonex MusclePower 100 when I started playing more competitively.

The reason I’m looking for a new racquet is because my racquet is 20+ years old. I’d imagine racquets nowadays are much better. I plan on using the MP100 as my backup racquet once I get a new one. The other thing is that because I stopped playing for a long time, my shoulder hurts after the first session. I’m starting to get better now that I’ve had a few more sessions, but it doesn’t help that my racquet is a 2U so it is not that lightweight. I am hoping someone could help me with recommendations of a racquet that is a proper upgrade to the MP100 but lighter in weight. I play mostly singles but also some doubles too sometimes.

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