Salming, Asics Adidas, Head Shoes for Badminton?

Hello all,

I have been shopping around for a new pair of badminton shoes, and I have seen a lot of shoes from Salming, Asics, Adidas and Head that are advertised as “court shoes”.

A lot of these shoes look like more like running or tennis shoes, but I thought if Direct Sports and Tennisnuts would list them in the badminton shoes, how bad could they be? I really don’t know.

I’m not looking for any specific recommendation, I just want to know if these shoes are even viable for badminton at all. I know that there are plenty of good dedicated badminton shoes out there from the likes of Yonex, Babolat, Victor, Li-Ning, Forza, etc. The reason for this is that my choice is restricted due to a return from a previous pair of shoes only giving me a voucher (not monetary refund) to the seller (Direct Sports). They have a strange warranty policy.

Thanks for any help!

Here are some examples of the shoes I am talking about:

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