Turn off autobrake.

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This may not be a news for some but i just recently discovered this and would like yo share it here.

I have two stringing machines, a 5 year old Fleet and a recent precision 5 Yonex.

It always baffled me although the both machine calibrated equally and the string bed tension from Yonex is always a tad higher than 5 year old machine. The difference is a little obvious from string bed pinging sound.

Came to realise the Yonex machine brakes slightly later than the Fleet machine. I suspected the auto brake early caused the string to pulled against the grommet at extreme angle, causing the string inside the frame to lose tension.

So we tried disabling the autobraking function and string the same tension same string and racquet. The outcome is as suspected, same string bed tension from both machine.

So yea, turn off autobraking for more precise tension. If youre about wobbling of the turntable, tension the string with your hand first before engaging the tensioner.

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