TKFE replacement

tkfe replacement

I figured I would post here. I have been a long time Victor user, coming from the Bravesword and Jetspeed series. I did play for a year with the Astrox 88S OG until I found the TKFE.

I know with anything, you sacrifice power for speed. I have really send some lightening bolts with the TKFE but my old rotator cuff injury from 17 years ago is starting to feel it more and more. Especially when I am coaching/running a 3 day clinic. My arm needs a week or two with no playing to recover.

I don’t have the ability to test many rackets due to my remoteness. But I’m looking for feedback to see if there are any rackets that stand out.

I’m looking for any racket, any brand(in Canada). I LOVE my TKFE. Love love it. I’m just wondering if there is something slightly less head heavy that fits the bill to go a little easier on my shoulder? A friend of mine suggested the NF800P. I do see that it if stiff(not sure in comparison to the TKFE). If I go head light but more stiff(like the 1000z), would it be just as hard on my shoulder?

Open ears, open to learn. I’ve never been one for “technology”. I just have always found the “stiff/lightly head heavy” racket to be in my wheelhouse.

I mainly play doubles, lots of back court when I can. I do play the odd singles game for coaching/training my highschool athletes. But not really to win or tournament play.

Appreciate any information or insight. I know NOTHING about LiNing and very minimal about YY. I found a lot of love in Victor with the OG JS12, 90K and now TKFE.

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