Superstringer t12 upgrades

superstringer t12 upgrades

All good worthy upgrades, but if i were to put an order of Should Have to Nice to have:
1) WISE 2086 tension head (~1K CAD after exchange + duty + shipping new)

Chudek/The other supports (~$100 CAD max all in)
Semi-automatic clamp bases.(~$300-500 for a pair + shipping etc)

There’s a reason of the 3 the largest investment is the Wise.
I would hold back on the latter two until you figure out what you need after you get a Wise.

If you string an average of 10 rackets a month for 12 months, that should pay for a new WISE alone. You just have to plan and budget carefully.

I didn’t change my drop weight to my previous Gamma + WISE setup until 5 years of use. That setup lasted 10 years until i’m now using a victor VE-50. With my drop weight i was averaging 50-200 rackets a year. My previous setup 200-700 rackets a year. With my new machine i’m estimating an annual avg of 400-500 but am prepared to revisit 600-700.

Based on that above data (started with a spreadsheet, I wrote my own app in-house to track all clients and string jobs) it makes it easier to plan and determine where and how far you want to take your stringing hobby to.

This level of detail and thought i put into is why i find stringing soothing and stress relieving.

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