Thruster F Enhanced Edition (TKFE) vs Astrox Nextage (AXNT)

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Hi there,

“Beginner” here who’s been playing badminton for over a decade, can hit the shots (10% of the time still hit air, 20% of the time too little/much power), but need better form and haven’t really been winning the games. Looking for a racket to call my own since I’ve mostly been using some very entry-level Yonex rackets (loaned) that you can’t even find links to online anymore. I borrow better rackets from my peers sometimes when I can, but perhaps lack the time and consistent effort needed to properly use the rackets? I figure I should just stick with one racket and know everything about it instead of rotating all the time.

I’m deciding between the Astrox Nextage and the Thruster F Enhanced Edition. As I mostly settle into choosing the TKFE, I am informed that the TKFE in stock is made in China.

My research has found precious little in the nuances of the manufacturing but this video, which I struggle to understand because I am not a native speaker, says that the China and Taiwan rackets are different. If Yonex makes their entry-level rackets in China, mid-range rackets in Taiwan, and high-end rackets in Japan, does it stand to reason that the TKFE in question is inferior in quality to one that is made in the Victor home base of Taiwan? Level with me. Tell me I’m wrong.

If you’re feeling charitable, tell me what tension I should set the Aerobite that I plan to string my racket with. Or tell me that my current racket (some 10U Alp-Sport racket from China) is good enough and I should work on my body and not spend money.

Thank you!

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