alternative to nanoflare 800 lt

alternative to Nanoflare 800 LT


for the first time, i tried nanoflare 800 LT that was strung at 27lbs, ultimax BG66.
and boy, i really like this racket..

although it dont pack a punch as compare to heavier racket,
least, my arm and shoulder dont hurt that much.
i can even do a backhand clear with it.

i knew the main characteristic of this racket was
Weight / Grip 5U (Avg. 78g)

ok, the downside is this racket is kinda expensive for me..
costing above $250..
i know to some, this is a good investment..

was thinking of getting something similar but at lower cost
while i continue to hone my skills while waiting for the price to drop further?

will the li ning windstorm be close to this nanoflare 800 LT?