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Just noticed they censored my sh*t. I guess as an OCD stringer first clean your tray, the little snippits from cutting your tails is an eyesore for the OCD stringer =P
Your mains look very efficient, measurement by hand is amazing. One thing I might say is maybe avoid shaking the machine, I have seen you clamp without shaking the machine but you often shake it a little, it is kinda like prestretching your string. Preweaving mains, I usually do if I want to waste time, don’t you think it is a little redundant, pull some string through little by little then go back and then pull it through again? Maybe if you are not stringing over 30, the Yonex last 2 mains finish is not so important, so maybe pull your main #10 so your clamps are not in your way when preweaving your crosses, I might also learn to go backwards on your cross too I usually start my cross preweave on 10 and go back to 9 so I don’t pull my whole string through cross #9. When your string starts to spin when you pull your cross maybe hold the spinning string so it doesn’t spin and pull it a little slower through so it stops spinning/twisting.

As a stringer some videos I cannot watch the whole video, I need to skip but watched your video all the way through and was entertained, not board watching the whole thing. I think your efficiency will come through practice, one thing to practice is to find the angles that your machine pulls, try to avoid your racket shaking, when you have tension pulled you should see your tension flucuating when your racket is moving. Try to avoid that. F*ckin great video, I picked up a couple of things from you, that I might want to try, I don’t use a string mover but I saw you pull your string up with it on your last shared hole, I might try with my awl.

When you do your racket inspection, I might look at the grommets, the single pass cross that is covered, if it is well worn, I use a grommet grinder to turn it a quarter turn, actually I have just gotten into the habit of turning them, especially Yonex rackets, I teust they are off centered so I don’t worry about putting in that extra string to move that covered cross. I can see a sub 25 minute string job in about 2 weeks with practice and maybe 6 months sub 22-23. Your weaving has potential, you are not slow. When you hit 50 though sub 20’s get a little tough =P

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