Real-time Adaptation ?

Hello all,

Played new opponents in MD yesterday. One of them had a stronger smash than what I’m used to at our academy. (Strong enough to beat my racquet swing when I’m ready for defence). I tried my best to keep it flat or only to my side (I’m considered a really good defender in my circle) but we lost 4 consecutive games, even though we were leading the score in the later but he turned up the heat and :D.

My question is if there’s a chance for me to adjust to something/someone like this when we face them for the first time ?!
(I was thinking about the LCW and Wei Nan Denmark Open match where LCW was left stranded on the court in the midst of crazy smashes by Wei Nan.)

How can I be better prepared for people with ‘monstrous’ smash ?

How quickly can you adapt to such strong elements during a match?
It can be other things like tall players, both lefties, strong in front & mid etc.

In my experience, we face consecutive losses in the face of such complexities. My partner being more defensive types also looks towards me to come up with some strategy.


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