Looking for alternative to Nanoflare 800 & 800 LT

looking for alternative to nanoflare 800 800 lt

Looking for recommendations on a new racket once my last NF 800 dies. As much as I love these two rackets (800 3u and 800LT) the durability on the Nanoflare line for me personally has been really costly. Broken two this year (on mishits during smashing, the frame had been clashed once or twice before maybe a month before each break). This has been my experience with them so far, I love them though.

I like the stiffness of these rackets, they’re by no means the stiffest but I like the feel and responsiveness I get from them.

I’m looking for a speed type racket, but I’m open to any racket as long as the stiffness is around the same. Will preface by saying I do not like any rackets with free core (too soft feeling? kinda spongy).

Budget is about the same as NF800 pricing.

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