Racket stock check!

In use:
Winex Ti-9
Winex SQ-800
Winex Ti-20
Winex T-3
Winex Ti-102
Yonex ISO 600 (SP)

In stock:
Winex MM200
Winex Ti-25
Winex Ti-19

Soon to have:
Winex Audina’s Limited Edition (Ti Swing Power)
Winex Ti-12
Winex MM100
Winex MM90
Winex MM50
Winex SQ-800
Winex SQ-600

Hey, I’m the distributor :D . Not sure if I will string up more models for demo purposes but would be nice to be able to try all the different models ;)

Cleared out my garage today and found some of my old (very old) racquets. They are:
Yonex Cab 3 (wooden head frame in wood press)
Yonex Cab 7 x2
Yonex Cab 8
Yonex Cab 10
Yonex Blacken x2
Prokennex 600
Prokennex 302
Carlton 3.7X x2

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