Longevity of a fixed clamp

longevity of a fixed clamp

Out of curiosity i have not seen this question asked before. This is more catered to high volume stringers:

If your string starts slipping, getting marked up from your clamps (even after adjustments and cleaning) is it time to replace your fixed clamps?

1) diamond dusted: i’ve seen it possible to DIY replace the diamond dusted coat. Or is replacement less of a headache?
2) yonex/toyo clamps: What do you do?
3) Is there an alternative that i’ve not considered.

@kwun has had his gamma for 10+ years
@kakinami has experience with new and used yonex and toyo machines and even refurbishing them (Gosen)
@s_mair – thoughts?

I know i’m forgetting a bunch of experienced members in the forum. This is something that crossed my mind thinking long term about maintenance and support of machines.

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