Lee Yong Dae (LYD) changed to Yonex?

lee yong dae lyd changed to

Quoting me and saying I’m wrong when I’m basing off the explicit statement….. hur.

That’s your PERSONAL view in which you use the word “rational” twice in which to generalize and try to make people convinced and buy in to your view.

So many people watch Olympics, even those that do not even touch badminton. While no one other than badminton fans watch the world championships that happens every year save for the leap year.
Same situation with other sports’ fans; they don’t give a crap about us in a non OG year.
And by the way, when you win an OG gold, you get personal glory and your country gets the shine too, you don’t hear commentators going CHINA WINS A GOLD!! ITS ALL CHINAAA!!! without mentioning/displaying Chen Long on screen?

If anything, nationalistic would be Asian Games team matches, Sudirman, Thomas/Uber. I can’t seem to find anything that suggests otherwise. These cups needs team effort.

Ever heard the saying “the world is never fair”? Going as far as to yank the ruling authority on the sport…. yeah smart move.
In other sports, such as F1, FiA also gets the stick, but still, they are the governing body for THAT sport, like it or not, and hate it or not.

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