Help with Stroke Please!!

help with stroke please

I watched the second video already. There are still some room to improve. Let me try to explain to you I think this explanation might make a little more sense to you. Your stoke is too tense because you still dont understand about bodyweight transfer. The way pros moving and hitting like in most of the video because its not just the stroke but included the bodyweight transfer into each shot. As a beginner coach will teach kids to throw birds instead of shadow hitting in order to get them used to the stroke first. Your stroke should be like throwing the bird as far as possible. First you turn your hip a bit -> start swinging –> throw your shoulder —> your arm will follow the shoulder by nature —-> and then right at the moment you hit the bird you need to snap your wrist —–> then your follow through. I believe that the only shot that you “dont” perform a follow through is the black hand clear.

Keep up the good work!!!!!

PS. get yourself a buddy or a feeder to feed you the birds and keep clearing back to back that can improve your stoke and eventually speed of the bird. I been practicing clear shot almost half of a year before people at my first club let me played a game. At first, I hated what they did to me, but now I completely thank to them because I m a lot better than people who started without coaching and people keep compliment me on my clear shot and stroke, but I’m still a newbie tho there are a lot for me to learn.

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