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Dear friend so sorry for the late reply.

1. Is Sung Ji Hyun girlfriend of Son Wan Ho???

That unfortunately cannot be confirmed.

2. What was the reason behind Shin Baek Cheol’s dumping of Lee Yong Dae???
To be honest nobody dump anybody here. Experimenting with new pairings. So far Lee Yong Dae / Yoo Yeon Seong partnership is the best.

This is the article to support the comments above.

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We Help Each Other : Lee and Yoo

What was the formula behind Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong’s record-breaking run in 2015 – when they won four World Super series titles on the trot, out of six for the year?

Studying opponents made the difference, said Lee, as the pair talked to Badminton Unlimited on a recent shoot on the side lines of the Dubai World Superseries Finals.

“Firstly, our strong partnership is what makes us good on-court,” said Lee. “We’ve also learnt to study our competitors well especially our stronger competitors. In 2014, we had a hard time defeating some of these players. We couldn’t find their weaknesses. But in 2015, after constantly monitoring and analysing their games, we could beat them.”

His partner Yoo admits they feel pressure all the time.

“We always feel pressure in every single match. But instead of thinking about winning a gold medal or winning the match, we concentrate on our game; on how we should play. I think because of that we can overcome the pressure.

“When we practice as a team, we do it seriously. We play as if we are in a competition. I think this helps in keeping us on our toes and making sure we stay competitive all the time. We also help each other and discuss our strength and weaknesses and exchange ideas. So it is a win-win situation for all of us.

“I feel quite emotional every time we win a game. Each tournament or game is equally meaningful. So it is very hard for me to choose the most memorable moment.”

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