Help recommend me some strings! (Exbolt 63 user)

help recommend me some strings exbolt 63 user

For the past 9 months, I have been using Yonex’s Exbolt 63. I recently ran out of my Exbolt 63 reel a few weeks ago after a tournament…which means I want to buy a different reel to save few hundred dollars from getting my rackets strung.

In those 9 months, this is what I have to say of the Exbolt 63 (Strung it at 27×27!)
– Felt stiff for most of my shots, only sometimes it didn’t feel stiff when I hit correctly; felt it isn’t a friendly string

– Repulsion was very nice, really loved the sound when hitting the shuttle

Looking for a more user friendly string with similar repulsion with 63. I actually tried Exbolt 65 and have it strung with my 77 pro but I am still unsure whether to get a reel of it. Would like your recommendations!

I’m interested in these strings (some for performance & price… lol)
Nanogy 95

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