iTennis stinging machines by Tennisman

Here is a short review about the new machine from

Tension head:
Good solid engine! Very quiet. What I don’t quite like: the string could be a little bit lower in the gripper. The same problem as with the Wise.Maybe Simon will write a little bit more about it.

A bit too rough. This also makes them a bit louder. But still good!

Clamp base:
Very well made. Good feel. Hold very well and do not slip. However, I would find it better if the holder for the pliers would be a pin and not a shaft (as with the Yonex).

The clamps are good and small. They hold the tension very well without making marks on the string. However, the imprint on the setting wheel is not the same for both clamps. Have tried to screw the screw differently on it, unfortunately without success.
The outer edges could be a bit more angled to get closer to the frame.

That is the best thing about this machine. It is really very good.
The only thing I have to say is that the turntable could have a small brake so that it doesn’t spin so easily. Not a locking break, just a break to slow down the table a little bit :)

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