ALWAYS FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS – Florencia Biracouritz

BWF Line Judge, Florencia Biracouritz has represented our region in several multi-sport events, such as Pan Am Games and Olympic Games, experiences that have led her to continue enjoying our sport and growing as a person.

In the framework of International Women’s Day, Badminton Pan Am highlights various women from our region throughout the month of March, sharing their experiences for the inspiration of the entire Pan American family.

From Argentina, Florencia began her connection with our sport, practicing at the university. After training, she began her path as a technical official at the national level and continued climbing until she reached the most important sporting events in the world.

“I started my relationship with badminton during my time at university. In search of a sporting activity different from the ones I already practiced, badminton caught my attention, and I decided to start practicing it. I began my career as a Technical Official actively participating in tournaments and training at the national level. Later, thanks to the support of the Federation and Badminton Pan Am, the door was opened to my first international experience at the 2015 World Junior Championships. This opportunity marked the beginning of my training with a view to being part of the team at the 2016 Olympic Games. , which would take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

always fight for your dreams florencia biracouritz

After participating in Rio 2016, Tokyo 2020 and other major events, Florencia longs to continue growing professionally, enjoying what badminton has offered her so far.

“My goals with badminton are to continue growing professionally and add experiences as enriching as those I have had so far.”

From her role as a technical official, Florencia has developed another perspective on our sport. She considers that the most valuable aspect she has gained about badminton is the people she has met along the way and what she has learned from them.

“The best thing that badminton has given me is the people I have met throughout these years and having learned from them in every opportunity or event that has arisen.”

always fight for your dreams florencia biracouritz 1

Different programs have allowed the development of women in sports, involving them in different roles and allowing them to stand out with the excellence of their work.

“I did not face significant problems in my career. I think the Women in Badminton program and the existing support to promote gender equality provided us with an excellent opportunity for growth within the sport, which is very positive.”

And although not all people still have the same opportunities to stand out and grow, Florencia wants to encourage each woman with the following message:

“Always fight for your dreams, despite the challenges. Get stronger along the way and be proud of your position in sport by contributing to inspire future generations.”

always fight for your dreams florencia biracouritz 2