Is Voltric Z force 2 still a good buy in 2023

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Racket are just a tool. At the right hand it boost player performance up to 10% & no more.
Also remember 10% of 10 are 1 while 10% of 100 are 10. So, only when you could perform greatly, the affect could be significant.

Then old or new? Unless its way to old like wooden racket or iron racket, all carbon fiber racket regardless tech are equal. Its more about characteristic than the worthyness.
Old Voltric are sledge hammer racket series, very powerfull that no one can match but somewhat sluggish.
Newer Astrox are more fast pace hammer racket that sacrifice power for manouverability.
Which one better? Super Smash or Rapid Smash? Rocket or machine gun? The answer are vary between player, so pick one for urself.

But…. New racket with so many gimmic are just so attractive to try. New car toys are always more fun to use than the old boring car toys one even tho its all the same, a car toy, brum brum…
Psicologicaly aspect.