Best string and tension for Duora 10


Had you stop playing for 5 years or just got another D10 after parting from it for 5 year?

String setup are quite personal. Others tight 26lbs might be a noodle for others & could be wooden plank to some.

If case 1
You need to redo all that. Retry BG65 cant do wrong but maybe abit lower tension as you had stop for a while. Or you could go for new string & start new journey finding ur perfect string & tension. Some new string recently are YY Exbolt 63 & 65, LN N61,63,65 (depend on region, not all available tho). I had tried Exb63, Exb65, & LN N65. Between the 3 i like LN N65 the most.

If its case 2
What string do you use currently & at what tension. Use the same setup & adjust the tension for every stringing.

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