Help me to bury the N7II.

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Hey BC,

I play the Li-Ning N7II since January 2018 and it served me well since now. Shout out to @Ch1k0 for the recommendation.

After nearly 6 years I think it is time for something new. Own 4 N7II, they are all still in good conditions, each racket had 20-30 stringing jobs and to be honest I could also still use it forever due the outstanding quality.

Actually I have the feeling that I want to buy something new. Why? There is no logical reason behind it. I feel that the N7II lacks a bit on feel and control on softer shots and pushs. Maybe it is just me.

What I’m looking for:

  • 41-42g headweight strung, 38-38.5g dry
  • I don’t care about 3U or 4U, headweight is important
  • Grip length is also important (200mm and above, I play mainly doubles)
  • no compact, we all get older, gain weight which becomes harder to loose
  • 76 holes pattern, nothing fancy, nothing oldschool
  • shaft shouldn’t be too stiff. I liked the N7II shaft, very slightly stiffer is okay, much stiffer not, more flexible not
  • Li-Ning or Yonex (Yeah I know here are lovers of the most unknown brands, but I want to buy here instore, use a racket for a longer time so availability and easy to get for a few years is important)
  • Grip Size S1 or S2, G4 or G5

I also observed the market a bit and Arcsaber 11 pro or tour should tick this boxes, right? I have also a crush on the Axforce 80, but don’t know if the 3U or 4U suits better. It seems 4U is too light, 3U too heavy. Axforce 70 seems headwise better as 4U, but more flexible? Maybe too flexible? I also seen some Halbertecs…8000, 9000, 5000. 8000 seems too stiff, and 5000 too flexible, waiting for the 9000. If Axforce 90 Dragon tick also all boxes I need to decide if this gorgeous paint job convience me to buy a 72 holes one, but 76 is for me as important as the grip length.

About me: I play mainly XD, MD. I’m not the big gun, but have some talent for placement and variations according to friends and club mates. I can play backcourt and frontcourt depending on partner. I can smash, but know that I don’t will hit instant winners, others hit harder than me. I would describe me as a controlled attacking player. In short I look for something which don’t slow me down on fast and flat game, but still give me enough weight for overhead shots.

Mainly I’m looking for a good racket which is not too extreme in any department, an allrounder. Not too light, not too heavy, not too stiff, not too flexible and quite versatile or universal if this makes sense.

At the end if the market don’t have something for me, I will stick to the N7II instead of buying something which don’t satisfy me in the long run, because I can also wait 1-2 years longer.

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