have you guys ever encountered this type of smash any tips about how to defend it or replicate it

Have you guys ever encountered this type of Smash? Any tips about how to defend it or replicate it?


Hi everyone, I am an advanced player in my country, played like 3-4x a week.

So I this guy which is a regular in my court, he didn’t go to Badminton Academy or anything like that. He just practice with these old chinese guys, and eventually as he keep practicing from a young age, he has good technique now.

But one thing I noticed is he has a VERY UNIQUE SMASH that make the shuttlecock fly like Knuckle Ball in football/soccer.

I am on the level where I can see the projectile of a shuttlecock before defending. And I see that his smashes REMOVES the spin of the shuttlecock. At first I thought he is just lucky but as I played more with him, I see that 8/10 of his smashes is like that and it is harder to defend.

Imagine you have prepared your racket in defend position, and you are 100% confident the shuttlecock will land on your racket. But then suddenly the shuttle shakes because it has no spin and the air makes it wiggle, then your defend becomes bad, giving your opponent the chance to finish it.

Because of that, I keep trying to replicate his smashes but it is not consistant (can only do 2/10 or 3/10), and I also keep looking for the best way to defend but no progress as of now.

So any tip to replicate it or way to defend it will be of great help to me. I know this may sounds ridiculous to some people but it is real and it keeps bothering me.

Thank you for reading this story of mine. Cheers.