Deciding between even/head heavy balance.

deciding between even head heavy balance

I’ve had this dilemma for the last 4 or so years. Maybe even 5 years.

I played well with the Nanoray 800. But wanted more power with smashing.

Bought an Astrox 100zz. O yeah it gets the power when you time it properly. But it hurt my shoulder when playing consecutively.

Bought a Nanoflare 800lt. Disliked it originally because it was hard to serve with. Different dimensions of shaft and handle length (and it didn’t come with a case!). I persevered with it and found out how great it was. Then it hurt my elbow. My elbow hasn’t been the same since.

Also have bought an Astrox nextage, Astrox cosmic reign, Voltric lite, Nanoflare 1000z, Nanoflare 1000 Tour, Apacs Stardom800, Arcsaber 11 pro and am getting my apacs ferocious 22 tonight.

Why am I telling you this? There are hundreds of different racquet models, by different manufacturers / brands.

You’ve already identified you want a control racquet that can help generate you power. Control racquet is easy to find, Arcsaber 7 or 11 range (and others equivalent).

If you want to learn how to generate more power, buy 1-10 sessions with a coach (I think Paul Stewart operates near Birmingham) and have them improve your tecnique. Because there must be ways you can improve it, even if playing with a head light or even balanced racquet.

Don’t spend the next years of your life trying to find a “perfect” racquet. Invest in yourself and get 2-5 of a racquet you are happy with. And get some tailored coaching ontop of it.

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