Another Stringing Video: Li Ning Aeronaut 9000C BG80 in 13 Minutes

another stringing video li ning aeronaut 9000c bg80 in 13 minutes

Its been a while since I posted a stringing video here. I’ve went through maybe 4 different workflows throughout the years. I think this one will be the final one since I can do a racket in about 13 minutes haha.

I also stopped doing prestretching to see if that would reduce my stringing time and it saved me about 2-3 minutes. There were days where I didn’t like waiting on the machine to stretch, release and pull again. So I decided to try without prestretching. To compensate I actually added a extra pound of tension to see if it would be any different. Based on how my own racket strings feel, its about the same as when I did 10% stretch. Ironically, I feel without prestretch the strings settled in a little better compared to before.

Never would I have imagined to be able to string a racket properly in 13 minutes but it happened. Not sure I can optimize my process anymore than I have. One can dream of getting a racket done in 11-12 minutes haha.

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