Advice for new stringing machine

Hi everyone,

I need to pick the brains of the stringers in this forum so here we go :)

A little bit about me: I am a german civil engineer / software engineer who started stringing around 2 years ago. The stringer in our badminton club left and I took the chance to start stringing for our club members. I bought myself the superstringer s70 for around 400 bucks to see if I would like it, and 146 rackets later I am still enjoying it:).

The reason why I am creating this thread is the following. I was offered a job from a local badminton center to string rackets for them which can be done from home. The expected amount of rackets per week is 6-10 (10 is rare I was told). On top of that would come stringing jobs from my fellow club members, so that I can expect an average of around 8 rackets per week. While I do like my first stringing machine I am aware of its limitations.
I need a new machine and I would love to hear your recommendations (especially from the german stringers who are familiar with tennisman)

I want to have a machine that:

– Provides reliable quality for my stringing jobs

– Is nice to handle ( semi automatic bases, electric tensioning etc. etc.)

– Is preferably easy to ship to Germany

I have watched videos from s mair regarding the Stringmaster Deluxe Se and found this machine interesting. However, I have also heard from people on this forum, that the wise is quite loud, so I would like to know if there are any other machines from tennisman or other providers, that provide perhaps a better tension head and maybe already this glide gripper module and maybe other fancy things that I would enjoy:)

If I have missed any other aspects that I should definitely consider please do enlighten me:)

The budget is not fixed to a certain amount, but I doubt that I would want to have a new high end victor or yonex machine. Per racket I earn around 10ish bucks so you can do your own calculations:)

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