Zheng Siwei ( 郑思维 ) / Huang Yaqiong ( 黄雅琼 )

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Is Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong better than Zhao Yunlei/Zhang Nan at their best ?

I’ve been thinking and thinking, and now I’m beginning to feel ZSW/HYQ is a little better, only 5 percent or at most nearly 10 – Huang Yaqiong is more aggressive and anticipates well at the front , slightly more intimidating than Zhao Yunlei; Zheng Siwei is swift and powerful coupled with good defence and well-placed shots, overall a bit more fearsome than Zhang Nan at the rear.

The scary part is ZSW at age 22 and HYQ at 25, individually and as a pair is still improving – they sure have many more years ahead of them to break world records in the normal course of things. Still, nobody can really predict the future, so let nature take its course.

At the moment, on paper in terms of achievements, Zhao Yunlei/Zhang Nan are 3x WC and 1x OG , and, if I may add, 1x AG champions in XD, including a long list of other prestigious titles whereas ZSW/HYQ only have 2x WC and 1x AG overall, still fewer other prestigious titles in comparison. But that’s not a fair comparison as both ZSW and HYQ are still relatively young(er), so we would have to wait until they reached the end of their career to make a meaningful conclusion as to which pair is greater.

Yes,indeed, ZSW and HYQ have ample time on their side.

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