Z-force 2 is terrible, looking for a new heavy head


I’ve been playing with zf2 3u for a couple of years now. Recently, I tried someone’s (Kit) 4u (nanoflare and some Li-Ning), and to my surprise, I got more powerful shots, and overall it was easier to play with it (e.g. clear back to back).

Today, someone (Gin) pointed out to me that my racket has narrow head! How did I miss that all this time? It means small sweet spot, which makes the racket terrible. With all my mishits, I need a friendly, forgiving racket.

On to top of that, the shaft that is extra-slim is apparently extra-stiff. How come? Slim means less material, means more flexible. Extra-stiff means low repulsion, means less power.

I went to Yonex site to check the specs, and I can’t find it?? It’s a 2017 model. Not that it would have helped much, e.g.:


“For advanced players looking for immediate access to power to maintain a relentless attack”
What is this nonsense, how does this inform me of anything? Has the person who wrote this ever played badminton?

“Flex Extra Stiff”
No repulsion?

“Length 10 mm longer”
Isn’t the racket size standard? Suddenly, they decided that longer is better? Aren’t we already wired for a certain dimension?

Beyond that, the technology sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

Let’s look at one of the stores:


“The Extra Stiff racket shaft allows Hard Hitters to create power smashes that penetrates your opponent’s defenses.”
Can someone explain the physics of this?

“Isometric..to produce expanded sweet spot”
No, it’s not. The head is narrow with large aspect ratio. The sweet spot is tiny. What is this BS?

“To balance the heavy head, the frame has been made smaller to maintain swing demand”
The f*ck? Since it would have been heavy head, we decided to make the head smaller, so the racket will be lighter and not heavy head anymore. If it’s too heavy for you, did you consider 4u or a light headed racket?

Instead of all this nonsense, I prefer specifics:
– Head A/R, width, height, sweet spot area.
– Weight distribution, momentum.
– Flexibility.
Keep to yourself all the stories.

Bottom line, I need a recommendation, please:
3u, heavy head, large head.

I’m ordering online, and I can’t try it. So, something mainstream that won’t disappoint.

I’m ordering from Australia to NZ:



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