Yuki Fukushima (福島由紀) and Sayaka Hirota (廣田彩花)

No thread for this pair yet, surprisingly.

They first gained widespread attention after winning in Malaysia this year where they beat CQC/JYF and MM/AT; even more upon reaching the WC final and winning silver. More likely they will be the second pair to go to the next Olympics for Japan. They currently lead H2H over compatriots MM/AT.

What are they preferred attacking positions? From watching I can say Sayaka could be the backcourt player, although Yuki has a stronger smash.

Their style mostly revolves on defense and patience, always waiting for the right moment to attack, just like the old WD days… Expect long rallies with this pair as well. I guess it’s safe to critic that they’ve to improve on creative shots, as right now they beat higher-ranked opponents by outlasting them. Much like SJH in WS.

Lastly, Yuki has this slightly cute mannerism of grimacing, showing bared teeth. Win or lose the point, she does it. IDK, I just find that cute. Keep an eye on that. :D

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