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Yonex Astrox 100ZZ

Come to think of it, we already had zzzzzzz.
We have 100ZZ right. It mean ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ up to 100 times:D

If someone ask you, hey what racket is that? We will say zzzzzzzzzz…… & after 5 minute,
nevermind i lose interest already

& when someone ask, how does its feel? Is it good racket? You will say, no. Im planning to sell it coz it makes my tongue sore.
Why? Coz its name is very very long. Uuumm… Btw whats the name?
Dont start with me dude, or. I will smash your head with this zzzzz….. Achk….. You made me talk its name again…..

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