Yonex Astrox 100ZZ

Come to think of it, we already had zzzzzzz.
We have 100ZZ right. It mean ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ up to 100 times:D

If someone ask you, hey what racket is that? We will say zzzzzzzzzz…… & after 5 minute,
:confused:nevermind i lose interest already:eek:

& when someone ask, how does its feel? Is it good racket? You will say, no. Im planning to sell it coz it makes my tongue sore:(.
Why? Coz its name is very very long. Uuumm… Btw whats the name?
Dont start with me dude, or. I will smash your head with this zzzzz….. Achk….. You made me talk its name again…..:mad:

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