yonex arc 11 pro 3ug6 victor hx 900 and lining tc75 gta

Yonex Arc 11 Pro 3UG6, Victor HX 900 and LiNing TC75 (GTA)

Clearing my bag for some beasts that I am not strong enough to use. Hope it goes to a good home.

1. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro. 3UG6. JP coded from Shuttlehouse. Brand new and completely mint. Plastic wrap on handle. Aerosonic @ 25lbs. Comes with cover. $290

2. Victor Hypernano X900 Gen 1. 4UG5. CA coded. Mint condition. Zymax 65 @24lbs. Comes with cover. $175

3. Lining Turbocharging 75. 3UG5. RTQS2 code from local shop. Mint condition. Unstrung. No Lining cover but can provide one if needed. $185.

4. Victor Bravesword 12 SE. 3UG5. NAC code. Mint and brand new. JP coded Aerosonic @26lbs. Come with cover. $200

No looking for trades. Cash only. Can ship at buyer’s expense.

Prefer meet up in Markham. Thanks

text 437-226-0472 for faster response
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