Yonex Arc 11 Pro 3UG6, Victor HX 900 and LiNing TC75 (GTA)

Clearing my bag for some beasts that I am not strong enough to use. Hope it goes to a good home.

1. Yonex Arcsaber 11 Pro. 3UG6. JP coded from Shuttlehouse. Brand new and completely mint. Plastic wrap on handle. Aerosonic @ 25lbs. Comes with cover. $290

2. Victor Hypernano X900 Gen 1. 4UG5. CA coded. Mint condition. Zymax 65 @24lbs. Comes with cover. $175

3. Lining Turbocharging 75. 3UG5. RTQS2 code from local shop. Mint condition. Unstrung. No Lining cover but can provide one if needed. $185.

4. Victor Bravesword 12 SE. 3UG5. NAC code. Mint and brand new. JP coded Aerosonic @26lbs. Come with cover. $200

No looking for trades. Cash only. Can ship at buyer’s expense.

Prefer meet up in Markham. Thanks

text 437-226-0472 for faster response
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