yonex all england quaterfinals to finals 15 3 2024 to 17 3 2024


1. Koki Watnabe – Christo Popov
In Men’s Singles , Out of 8 seeds, only 3 remains. Japan’s Koki Watnabe entered his first ALL ENGLAND quarterfinals after his compatriots lost in the early rounds. He is slated to meet junior Popov brothers. Christo with his explosive style , has been playing well for the past few weeks after winning German Open 2024. He too reached his first ALL ENGLAND quarterfinals. Going to be a battle of nerves and stamina, as Koki has similar style of his compatriots.

2. Viktor Axelsen – Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

Viktor’s first quarterfinal after his last week’s shocking loss to Wang Tzu wei. So far, he did not encounter any tough battle . Today he is slated to meet fast attacking player from Indonesia, Anthony. After lots of disappointing tournaments, Anthony is back to form!. He is going to meet none other than Viktor. Its very hard to battle. But still nothing is impossible. Viktor is so sloppy last week. This encounter will be interesting .

3. Shi Yuqi – Jonathan Christie

Shi Yuqi has been playing really well recently. After last week’s triumph at Paris, he is determined to win ALL ENGLAND as well. He is slated to meet Indonesian Darling Jonathan Christie, who is playing really well this week. This is going to be a blaster.

4. Lee Zii jia – Lakshya Sen

After last week’s disappointing first round loss against Young Danee Magnus, he has a thing to prove to his Malaysian Fans . He is playing well in this tournament. He is meeting young Indian Lakshya Sen, who after changing his coach , has been playing really well lately. This encounter will be full of thunderbolts.


1. Akane Yamaguchi – Gregoria Mariska Tunjung

Akane has to eliminate last week’s loss to An Se Young and move forward to get her 2nd ALL ENGLAND title after her 2022 triumph. Gregoria , need to reduce her errors to produce her brilliant stroke making capacity and try to reach her first ALL ENGLAND semifinal.

2 He Bingjiao – Tai Tzu Ying

He Bingjiao need to start winning titles this year after her successful 2023. She has to handle none other than Tai Tzu Ying, to whom she lost the last 6 encounters. Tai Tzu Ying , on the other hand, has to throw back her last week’s disappointed loss to An Se Young , and move forward to her winning ways. For that, she need to reduce her errors which is her cryptonite all along her career.

3. Carolina Marin – Chen Yufei

Marin is working hard to come back to her best form. She will try to get her 2nd ALL ENGLAND title after 2015. She is meeting none other than Chen Yufei. After India Open runner up this year, Chen Yufei is may try to move forward for her first title this year. This battle is going to be interesting.

4. An Se Young – Han Yue

An Se Young is the defending champion of ALL ENGLAND . She will try to defend her title . She is slated to meet Han Yue of China.

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